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The National Weather Service Boise (NWS Boise) issued a flood warning for Weiser River and surrounding areas on Wednesday.

BOISE, Idaho — A flood warning was issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) on Wednesday for areas near the Weiser River. 

In a Twitter post, NWS warned that flooding is expected in low lying areas around Weiser.  

According to the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service, as river levels rise, the impacts on land and property may increase in severity and damage. 

As of 11 a.m. on Wednesday, March 15, the Weiser River level was recorded at 9.53 ft. The flood stage for the river is 9.5 ft.

Below are the predictions associated with water level stages in feet (ft):

• 9.5 ft – Minor flooding of fields and agricultural land near Weiser is possible.

• 10 ft – Water will begin backing up under the Cove Road bridge into the slough and adjacent farmland. 

• 10.3 ft – Floodwaters will approach the Cove Road bridge over the Weiser River making it unsafe to cross.

• 11 ft – Flood water will begin spilling over the levees near the Cove Road bridge flooding portions of Cove Road and Cooper Lane near Weiser. County roads near the river upstream from Weiser will begin to flood.

• 12 ft – Significant flooding can be expected in Weiser and Midvale with flood waters beginning to cross Highway 95 south of Weiser. Extensive flooding south and east of Weiser will occur with water covering Cove Road and Cooper Lane to a depth of 2.5 feet. Flooding will also spread north of the river towards Washington Street in Weiser. The river will overflow its banks near Midvale with water beginning to cover county roads near the river. 

• 12.5 ft – Water will begin flowing over Highway 95 just south of Weiser with a depth around a half foot. Flooding will spread north of the river in Weiser towards Commercial Street. Water will be about 3 feet deep between the river and Cooper Lane with flooding of houses and buildings likely south of the river. Flooding of county roads near Midvale will continue.

• 13 ft – Major flooding will occur in Weiser and Midvale. Highway 95 will be inundated in several sections especially in the stretch just south of Weiser. Flooding of houses and other buildings near Weiser is likely with water several feet deep spreading north of the river towards Commercial Street. Water may begin flowing over the bridge on Cove Road. Flooding of Old Highway Road in Midvale is likely.

Turn around, don’t drown if you see water covering roadways! 

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